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Miller • Newlin & Co. specializes in providing small and mid-size businesses with the financial management tools they need to become profitable and stay profitable month-after-month, year in and year out. By putting us on your team, you become free to operate, market and negotiate with powerful leverage. Because you’ll know in advance the outcome of alternatives and the distance to the goal line.

Miller • Newlin specializes in providing individuals with the financial management tools they need to keep more of their money through targeted income tax planning. To improve investment returns through vivid performance analysis. To feel secure that their financial health is cared for by experienced professionals.

Miller • Newlin is a full-service accounting firm that can do as much of the financial work you require, or as little as you desire. The Firm has many years of expertise in meaningful services that will make an important difference in the results you achieve, whether in your business or personal endeavors.

You will find more in-depth descriptions of our services under their respective sections: Business Operations Planning, Income Tax Planning, and Accounting and Compliance.

Business Operations Planning

Without a doubt, the most important financial management tool for any business is the Operations Planning process.

This process encompasses goal-setting and impelmentation of a five year plan. Each year in the plan is mapped, and each month in the year is forecast to meet the goals. The forecasts are monitored against actual results, so the right decisions can be made without delay.

Miller • Newlin makes this seemingly-formidable task a breeze for management. Our operations budgeting methods are proven effective. The process is flexible and insightful for business managers. We do all the legwork, help you focus on your long-term goals, and interpret the monthly results.

This service doesn’t put you in the driver’s seat – you’re already there, but it is the radar that keeps you there.

Income Tax Planning

An offshoot of the massively complex U.S. income tax law is that no one’s tax is pre-determined. In this arena, form and timing are everything. The actual transactions you enter into during the course of a year could have many different tax consequences, depending on a variety of factors.

For example, the same transaction would be handled differently under the tax law depending on the responses to the following questions:

(i) Who, or which entities, are parties to the transaction?

(ii) Will the transaction’s effects be offset or be increased by other transactions in the same year?

(iii) How much of the transaction was completed this year? How many future periods will it take to complete?

(iv) What was the business (or investment) purpose of the transaction?

These are just a sampling of the factors that would affect the tax treatment of any transaction. Compound the single transaction with the many that are entered into during the year, and you can see quickly that income tax planning is an essential part of keeping your money.

The tax planning process allows you to see in clear and organized terms a forecast of your total tax picture well into the future, while using only acceptable alternatives. The presentation and analysis allows you to see the effects, while there is still time to make alterations. Allowing us to add strategies and change gears until the outcome fits like an old shoe.

Miller • Newlin’s years of experience in developing tax planning strategies that fit well into the five-year operating plan as well as into the one-year budget takes all the guesswork and uncertainty out of our clients’ decision-making responsibilities.

Accounting and Compliance

Miller • Newlin & Co. takes great pride in its state-of-the-art systems and software for timely and comprehensive client accounting and meeting compliance burdens:

• Transaction accounting and General Ledger maintenance with no extra work from the client

• Basic Management Financial Information for staying in-the-know about all facets of your business

• Financial statement audits and reviews for third parties, conducted in the most timely and economic manner possible

• Fast turnaround of the most complex business and personal income tax returns (electronic filing available)

Miller • Newlin also has specialized expertise in a wide range of services that are essential to the client in many situations, including:

• Performance measurement systems for monitoring business profitability

• Business valuation

• Financial analyses of potential investment opportunities

• Form of Entity decisions

• Investment portfolio analysis with clear and concise reporting of overall and detailed performance data

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