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CPAs and Business Management Specialists
Miller • Newlin & Co., P.C., is a firm of Certified Public Accountants and business management consultants. We are members of the American Institute of CPAs and the Texas Society of CPAs.

The Firm is a participant in the Peer Review Program sponsored by the AICPA and the state society of CPAs. Under this program, the Firm’s accounting and auditing practice is reviewed periodically by a peer group of accounting firms.

This program monitors the quality control policies and procedures of the reviewed firm and assesses the extent to which those policies are followed in the conduct of specific accounting and auditing engagements.

Miller • Newlin & Co., P.C., has received the highest quality rating on each of its peer reviews and takes great pride in the quality and thoroughness of its work. This quality is extremely important to our clients, who must have confidence in the information by which they manage their business and pride in the presentation of their financial statements to third parties.

The Firm’s tax practice is an invaluable resource for clients as it allows individuals and businesses to take complete control of their tax compliance burdens. The goals of our tax practice include providing our clients with forecasts of their tax situation well in advance of tax payment due dates, so that there are no surprises, with enough time to change the ultimate outcome. We do this through on-target tax strategies and effective tax planning.

MN&Co. professionals have extensive experience in the management and administration of businesses of many different types in a wide variety of industries. This experience was hard-earned in hands-on positions as officers and managers in medium and large private and public corporations. This experience was forever etched, as well, from many years of working with businesses and observing their “best practices” in Big 5 accounting firms.

Miller • Newlin & Co. has been doing these things for over 16 years now for hundreds of satisfied clients in all of Southeast Texas and beyond. We will be doing these things and more well into this new millenium. We are excited and hopeful that you will be there with us!

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