Our Team (Cont'd)

Janet L. Megason

Janet started with MN&Co. in 1986, after a fast-track several years as executive administrator and personnel coordinator in industry. She single-handedly set up the initial offices of the Firm, and was so proficient with office equipment of all types, including computers, our first clients were astounded at the professionalism and fast turnaround they were experiencing with the fledgling company at that time.

Janet quickly picked up a tremendous amount of practical accounting and tax compliance knowledge from on-the-job training and from working in the disciplines day after day. This knowledge eventually became of great benefit to our clients as Janet intrinsically applied the best of the Firm’s client experiences to improve the information processes of other clients.

For the past twelve years, Janet has provided sophisticated office management techniques for the Firm’s small business clients, assisted them with cash management on a daily basis, and was “the person to ask” when a client had a quick question or an urgent problem.

Janet has recently cut back on the time she spends in the Firm’s offices in order to spend more time with her family and related personal pursuits. However, she remains an officer of the Firm and continues to work as a consultant.

John A. Miller

John is a founder of Miller • Newlin & Co., and is a shareholder of the Firm. Early on, he developed the management consulting division of MN&Co., where he provided advisory services to manufacturing corporations, utilizing affiliations with some of the large industry trade organizations for support.

After several years of great success in this field, John was compelled to join one of the larger international consulting firms, and since has pursued other interests in industry. He continues as a consultant to the Firm.

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