Our Team

Terence W. Newlin, CPA

Terry founded Miller • Newlin & Co. in 1986 with his long-time business associate and good friend, John Miller. Together, they brought a great wealth of client service expertise and business know-how to the Firm.

Terry and John started out in Southern California with a leading Big 5 accounting firm, over 30 years ago. Both ended up as executive officers in industry for many years after becoming audit managers with the Big 5. The interesting thing is that before leaving the Big 5, Terry had moved on to the Houston office of the Big 5 firm, while John stayed in California to help open the new San Diego office for the firm.

As fate would have it and in many ways by remarkable coincidence, after five years in different industries and different cities, Terry and John found themselves across the table at a Smith International management team meeting in Houston in the early ‘80s. Yes, they were both living in Houston, working for the same public oil service corporation.

After four years together at Smith International, where Terry and John teamed with some of the most forward thinking entrepreneurial leaders in the oil service industry to improve systems, reduce costs, and streamline cash flow domestically and internationally during the retrenchment of the oil service business, they started MN&Co. And the rest is history . . .

With a Big 5 firm for eight years, Terry was an audit manager working with manufacturing companies, service organizations, real estate developers, and agribusiness ventures. Terry was on the team that performed the first audit of the financial statements of King Ranch, that great Texas ranching and oil & gas institution in Kingsville, Texas.

That King Ranch audit led Terry to leave the Big 5 for the initial Chief Financial Officer position of Shelton Ranch Corporation in Kerrville, Texas. Shelton Ranch Corporation was founded by a major shareholder of King Ranch and a King Ranch family member. The new company had agribusiness activities throughout the U.S. and a significant and very valuable interest in producing oil and gas properties. Terry designed and implemented the company’s accounting systems and developed innovative management reporting processes that were a rarity for the industry at the time. Three years later, Terry had the opportunity to join Smith International, Inc., as CFO/VP Finance of its directional drilling division, which had worldwide oilfield service operations. He was responsible for the financial management of the very dynamic business, including the structuring of international drilling contracts as to foreign exchange and monetary repatriation matters.

Over the past 16 years, Terry and the MN&Co. team have contributed to the success of a wide variety of clients, whose business interests span many industries, by providing them with the absolutely essential grasp of their financial picture, allowing them the opportunity to focus their efforts on operations, to keep heading in the right direction.

Terry has been a member of the American Institute of CPAs for over twenty-five years. He is also a member of the Texas Society of CPAs, and a former Board member and Committee Chairman of that organization’s Houston Chapter. He has written and had published several articles in such publications as the Oil & Gas Journal, as well as the American Management Association’s member publication.

Dianne Ripley, CPA

Dianne has over 10 years of experience in financial accounting and reporting and in business financial management. Most of Dianne's experience is with large public corporations, which has provided her with valuable technical expertise in the most difficult of financial analyses and reporting situations.

Dianne's experience with public companies includes nearly eight years in national restaurant and retailing chains, and in an international oilfield service corporation. In these companies, Dianne was responsible for summarizing large volumes of segmented financial data into meaningful reports for management and board members.

Dianne also has experience with local CPA firms, working with small and mid-size clients in providing those accounting and finance services so essential to her clients' business success.

This broad experience has given Dianne a unique ability to resolve difficult issues quickly, to recognize solutions and solve problems.

Dianne is one of those people everyone comes to rely on to "get the job done" when volumes and complexities tend to overwhelm the best of the rest. Miller • Newlin & Co. clients know they can count on Dianne when deadlines are tight and accurate results are critical.

Dianne is a graduate of Tarleton State University and a member of the Texas Society of CPAs.


Stephanie D. Duncan

Stephanie has a burning dedication to client service that is instantly recognizable. She has the principal responsibility, as MN&Co. Staff Accountant, for ensuring that our clients’ accounting records are complete, accurate, and up-to-date.

Stephanie has been with the Firm since 1997 and enjoys working with clients to understand their unique accounting complexities and needs. She has an incredible ability to create customized systems for each client that makes monthly information-gathering virtually effortless for the client. With our state-of-the-art accounting systems and Stephanie’s grasp of specialized client situations, there is no more swift and economical way for businesses to maintain the necessary data for financial statements and presentations, for complying with IRS requirements or obtaining on-target management reports.

Stephanie maintains a computerized database of all client-related tasks, government compliance due-dates, and financial reporting deadlines. She makes sure that our clients never have to think about what’s due and when. She does it for them.

Stephanie is presently working toward attaining her CPA Certificate.

Micki Grimmer

Micki joined the Firm in May 2000, bringing with her several years of experience in CPA office management. She has been instrumental in creating an efficient office for enhancing service to our clients.

Micki is a prime example why MN&Co. is able to provide top-notch services at some of the lowest comparable fees in the business. She has streamlined the document flow through our office, creating maximum efficiency and reduced production time. She has developed and maintained records-retention systems that allow the Firm to locate important client documents without delay. This system is invaluable to clients who must be able to obtain misplaced documents at a moment’s notice. She cut the cost of tax return preparation by standardizing the whole completion/data transmittal/binding/packaging/delivery process.

Micki is often the Firm’s first contact with our clients and new potential clients meeting us for the first time. Her enthusiasm and interest shows immediately, and she is a delight for our clients to work with.


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