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Miller Newlin & Co. has been serving businesses and individuals in Southeast Texas, including Houston and Harris and Montgomery Counties, for nearly fourteen years now.

During this time the Firm established many valuable relationships with some of the most interesting people and businesses in the great state of Texas.

You see, our clients are the most important people in the world. We take great pride in doing the kinds of things that make them satisfied customers -- glad that they're doing business with Miller Newlin & Co. Happy about the relationship with their accountants and consultants.

We do this in a million little ways and in a few real big ones. These individuals have a need for an accounting firm they can count on for timely, proactive attention, whether it be financial information for their lender, an understanding of their investment returns, a plan for reducing income taxes, or gauging business performance. We have the expertise, we listen to our clients, and we stay ahead of the deadlines.

Our business clients each require their own unique strategies for staying on the right side of the cash flow curve and the profitability ratios. MN&Co. recognizes this business reality and customizes its approach to each client's particular circumstances.

There are three main reasons why you will see we are different from other CPA firms of our kind:

1. Our team has professionals with extensive experience in business management -- former financial officers of large and mid-size industrial corporations in addition to many years in the Big Five accounting firms. We are able to utilize this experience to see our clients' situations and challenges from their point of view, to work from a knowledge base that adds tremendous value.

2. Many years ago, we established a client monitoring system to check our performance in fulfilling our client responsibilities. This provides us with a fail-safe method to notify clients well in advance of deadlines, to timely complete special requests for information and to ensure we are right on target in solving problems.

3. We perceive our clients and their businesses as though they are our partners. We believe we are just as responsible for our clients' success as they are and, in many ways, we are.

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